AC30 Altar

This is the first of my “Altar” series where I’ve featured the new Poly Pitch effect.

This patch uses a series of standard effects paired with the classic VOX AC-30 amp with its 2×12 cabinet. This creates a range of sounds all centred around that chimey tone that made the AC-30 famous.

The delay effects are both in parallel, allowing for them to be used individually, or when placed together, as a dual delay.

The two drive pedals are staged, with the Heir Apparent providing a soft drive, the Scream 808 pushing the boundaries of lead, and with both together going to the next level of distortion.

The reverbs can be used with a soft and a maxed out version allowing you to create a range of soothing atmospheric sounds.

The Snapshots are in a layout that I’ve come to know and love, with the drives along the top, and then ambients and delays along the bottom, with a drive and clean option on all. The Swell switch is up top, out of the way, but next to the expression pedal for quick access. These snapshots have become standard in all of my patches.