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This patch has been designed to emulate the gain stages of the infamous “Dumble Tone” by utilising Ben Adrian’s “Litigator” amp, itself being Ben’s take on a Dumble amp. Utilising the Dual Cab setup, I’ve paired a Shure SM57 with a Royer 121 on the front of a 1×12 EV speaker which are recommended for getting the best out of a Dumble. 

The patch has been set up with two delay pedals set in parallel to allow for both individual and dual delays with 1/8th and dotted 8th delay timings. A low gain overdrive and a pushed Zendrive pedal have been added to allow for even the clean setting to give a viable lead tone option from the stompboxes. The Ubiquitous Vibe adds a modulation option to the pedalboard. The Glitz reverb adds a beautiful resonant glow to the sound and the Shimmer allows for another layer of sparkle to your ambient tone. On top of this, there is a perfect polyphonic pitch set to +12 semitones with a sweep in and out of it when activated. 

Utilising the Dual Cab, I have delayed one microphone slightly to create some separation between the two, and then split them by 67% (two thirds) to the left and right. This will create some stereo effect, but with the effects in front of the amp in the XS system, the effects pedals are all still in mono.

The XS system

After many years of developing patches with a similar Snapshot layout which ranged in options from Ambience, Delay, through to Drive, Lead and Swell effects, I decided to develop a separate format that highlights aspects of the Amp and sets it up at different gain stages. 

I have found that with my style of playing, I use the ‘Stomp’ mode more often than ‘Snapshot’ mode. Having come from a pedalboard, it’s a more natural method of guitar effects. 

Rather than set up each snapshot as a different array of enabled and disabled pedal effects, I’ve set up each snapshot as an Amp setup. This allows the user to set their preferred “base” tone of the amp, and then switch to stompbox mode to enable and disable effects as they see fit.

Snapshots 1 through 4 are set up for a clean tone, an edge of breakup tone, an overdriven tone and a lead tone. These are labelled “Cleantone”, “Edge”, “Overdrive”, and “Lead”. 

Realising that I could also then use snapshots to modify the “room reverb” as well, Snapshots 5 through 8 are the same as the first four Snapshots, but with the “room reverb” boosted in both mix and decay to create a longer ambience for creating deeper atmosphere with the delays and reverb effects. These are named “Cleanverb”, “Edge+”, “Overdrive+”, and “Lead+”

By default, the presets are set to the edge of breakup Snapshot (2) when loaded, which is the amp tone I most often use.


Download DMBLXS

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