Princeton 10 & 12

This patch has been made to feature the new Fender Princeton amp Line 6 introduced in their Helix 3.0 update. The Fender Princeton was released in 1948, but rose to prominence in the 60’s and 70’s when it was remodelled and improved. It occupied Fender’s entry level amps, and therefore became widely popular and was particularly good for recording sessions. There was a 10 inch model and a 12 inch model, both of which I have included as separate patches. The 10 inch model has a slightly punchier and tighter feel, whereas the 12 inch model has a bit more low end rumble and grunge. 

The delay effects are in series, and then I’ve included a dual delay as well. 
I’ve included one drive pedal, the Teemah!, which is set at quite a high gain. There is also an Amp Drive footswitch assigned which boosts the drive on the amp.
The reverbs can be used with a soft and a maxed out version allowing you to create a range of soothing atmospheric sounds. 

The Snapshots are in a layout that I’ve come to know and love, with the drives along the top, and then ambients and delays along the bottom, with a drive and clean option on all. The Swell switch is up top, out of the way, but next to the expression pedal for quick access. These snapshots have become standard in all of my patches.