This patch uses the Matchless TM DC30 amp model with the 2×12 Greenback cabinet provided by the folks at Line 6. 

The Matchless amps were developed in the late 80’s and early 90’s as a more serviceable, reliable version of the Vox AC30, while still holding onto that unique Vox chime. They are the first of what we’d call “production boutique” amps, and feature handwired and true point-to-point connections

The patch itself features a range of effects including a PolyPitch at the front of the chain. The quarter note and dotted eighth delay effects are both in parallel, allowing for them to be used individually, or when they’re both engaged, as a dual delay. 
The two drive pedals are staged, with the Minotaur providing a soft, warm drive, the TS 808 pushing the boundaries of lead, and with both together going to produce a creamy finished tone. The amp is also driven with a footswitch assigned to go between edge of breakup and light overdrive. 
There is a soft reverb that acts as a base of ambience, with an additional “Swell” pedal that activates a range of other reverbs, delays and modulation to bring a comprehensive and full atmospheric tone to your sound. 
The Snapshots are in a layout that I’ve come to know and love, with the drives along the top, and then ambients and delays along the bottom, with a drive(+) and clean option on all. The Swell switch is up top, out of the way, but next to the expression pedal for quick access. These snapshots have become standard in all of my patches. 

I am in the process of developing a more accurate patch that combines both the H30 and the G25 cabinet models which is what Matchless tended to do. Unfortunately in this patch, there was not enough DSP in the chains to allow for the dual cabinet setup. 

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