Matchless Worship Leader

This is the first of my “WL” series of patches designed for use with your choice of digital music stand. 
This patch uses a series of simple baseline effects paired with Channel 1 of the Matchless DC30 amp with its 2×12 cabinet. 
There are four effects to choose from, just to keep things simple as you worship lead with your team. There are 2 delays, one overdrive, and a reverb. The delay effects are a 1/4 note and a dotted eighth note, and are both in parallel, allowing for them to be used individually or as a dual delay when they are engaged together. 
The drive pedal is the legendary Klon set at medium grit with a bit of punch to separate yourself from the mix a bit more if necessary.  
There is a bit of reverb already on the patch by default, but if you need more, there is a Glitz reverb sitting there to create a bunch more ambience should the moment require it.
These are set across the top line of the Helix footswitches. 

On the bottom row, I have simplified it to have two switches. These switches are your page turners for your digital music stand app. These have been set using the Control Center to trigger CC1 and CC2 in MIDI. More on setting these up later.
The purpose of this is so that A) you don’t have to awkwardly reach down and swipe to get to the music for the next song, B) you don’t have to go out and purchase a footswitch page turner, and C) you don’t have any additional footswitches in front of you, getting tangled up, or moving places when you’re trying to worship lead.
I know that there are iPad apps which can be used to then control the Helix, set effects, set the tap tempo, change preset depending on the song, but that is not how this is set up. This has been designed as a foot controller to turn the pages in your digital music stand. For me, when I’m worship leading, I need things to work, without having to reach down and control the iPad. I need it to be simple and paired back, so that it is clear and I don’t need to think too much about it at the time when I’m in the moment.

The Snapshots have been disabled as the footswitches are designed to be used as stompboxes with the page turn switches available. 


Additional Requirements

To make the most of this patch, you will need to connect your Helix to your digital music stand using MIDI. This is usually done through the USB Cable.

For my particular set up, I use an iPad connected with a Lightning to USB Cable pictured here. You can use the original Apple one, or purchase similar 3rd Party ones.

I’m sure this would be similar for your Android or other digital music stand devices. 
This will not work over Bluetooth.

Setting Up MusicStand App

I’ve only ever used MusicStand for this, though I’m aware of other apps such as OnSong. Please refer to their setup instructions if you wish to use them with this patch. If you have success with another patch, and wish to contribute to this ReadMe with some helpful instructions, please get in touch with me!

  1. Connect the USB Cable from the Helix to the USB to Lightning Adapter. 
  2. With the Sidebar of the app open, click on “Settings” at the bottom. 
  3. Click on “MIDI Input”. 
  4. Select the “Next Page” input option. This will show up as highlighted in the app.
  5. On the Helix, click on the “Next” foot switch. This should now un-highlight the “Next Page” option in the app and display “CC2”
  6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for the Prev Page input option. It should display “CC1” in the relevant input. 
  7. And you’re done! Open up the songs and now use the NEXT and PREV foot switches to turn the pages.