Inspired from a rig rundown of one of my early guitar inspirations, Stu G of Delirious?, I built this dual amp patch to gather some of the same tones that Stu is able to get from his set up. Using his favourite 1979 Park 50W Combo and a Vox AC30, he is able to produce some amazingly gritty, but smoothly clean tones that scream that Classic British Rock sound. The Park amps are essentially a Marshall, developed by Jim Marshall but sold through a small Birmingham music shop during a time when distributor restrictions meant he was limited to what he could make.  The Vox AC30 of course is well documented and a mainstay in the guitar world. 

This patch uses a series of standard effects paired with the classic VOX AC-30 amp and rare Park 50w Combo, both with their 2×12 cabinets. This allows for the bass and mid drives that Marshall was able to create to be mixed with the chimney tone of the AC30. 

The delay effects are both in parallel, allowing for them to be used individually, or when placed together, as a dual delay. 

The two drive pedals are staged, with the Teemah! providing a soft drive, the Scream 808 pushing the boundaries of lead, and with both together going to the next level of distortion. 

The reverbs can be used with a soft and a maxed out version allowing you to create a range of soothing atmospheric sounds. The room reverb (Ganymede) that is always on can be set at 15% mix or 25% mix with the click of a pedal for a bit more presence in the room.

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